Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jo, Clement and Lauren.

On Tuesday the 2nd June, these people came to our class from Waikato University, they work in a group called S.I.F.E (student in free enterprise) and they were telling us about how much waste we produce that can actually be recycled, like paper and cardboard. They did this exercise where they cut the apple in half and then in quarters and then in half again, etc... and then they ended up with 1.32nd of it left, and the apple represented earth and the little bit left was the space left for farming and growing produce. They showed us a powerpoint of sustainibility and taught us that everything counts like, turning off the taps when your brushing your teeth or having a compost heap to half the ammount of rubbish you usually produce. In some countries they have produce and plants growing on the top of buildings to make up for the waste they created whilst building. They taught us of differant types of sustainibility, like economical, social and environmental. Did you know that there are 60 open landfills in New Zealand and 1000 closed landfills! It was really cool that they spent the time to talk to us about it and teach us alot of important facts for teaching the future generation.


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