Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Birthday x

My birthday is coming up soon! Yay. I will be the big 13. I'm going to have a party, it's going to be a sleepover with my friends and I am going to have lots of yummy food and really cool things to do. I wonder what my parents will buy me, I think I will need to write a list because my mum doesn't know what to get me. But I'm really excited and there will lots and lots of yummy food.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Lifes Ambitions.

In Ten Years Time...

I want to do a number of things, but when I finish school I want to go to Wellington or Auckland University and get a degree in Law and a language, I would like to learn a language because if I go travelling it will come in handy. After university which will probably be three to four years and then I will hopefully be offered a place at London Academy of Dance, or dance on a cruise ship because you get to travel for free and you get paid for doing something you love. And while I'm working I can send half of my pay back to New Zealand and my dad will put the money in a bank account and it will collect interest so when I come back I'll have something to live off. That's like the ideal job. I'll spend probably two to three years doing that, or if I get a place at the London Academy of Dance I would spend probably four years there, and that would give me a chance to explore my heritage in Scotland which would be joyful. When I come home after my great journey I would be about twenty six or twenty seven, and I will hopefully meet a fantastic man who treats me right and wants a big family and three dogs living in Australia or Italy. I will then use my degree in Law and open a Law Firm, to keep the money coming in. I want four or five kids and two of them will be twins and I will send them to a private school that is near me or they will board at a really good school. There is plenty more I want to say, but that's another story for another time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sustainibility Argument Writing.

Why You Should Be Sustainable.

Wouldn't it be nice for everyone to be healthy and happy and for the world to be a more clean, green longer lasting place?! We would all live longer and the world would be just so fantastic and thriving on seedlings and having things being grown on it. Well, I'm here to inform you about some of the things you can do to have your part on helping our environment be more sustainable and to tell you my opinion on why I think it is better to be sustainable.

So firstly, do you want our planet to be a safe healthy environment now and in the future? When you grow up and possibly have children and when they grow up, do you want them to live in a safe, healthy environment? I'm sure your compassionate enough to care about that. So if we continue living the same way we have been then there quite possibly may not be a planet left for us to live on. Did you know there is only approximately 1.32nd of the earth left for growing natural, renewable sources on! That's pretty small, and when I'm dead and gone there's probably be even less than that. I worry and think about the future generations of not just my family but everyone else too. It's a very scary, serious issue. And everyone should be immensely concerned.

Secondly, it is so important that we don't use up all of our natural, easily-renewed sources, because like I said we only have approximately 1.32nd of the earth left for growing organic sources on, and this is because we have been using too much nonrenewable sources and wasting valuable land space we can't get back and now we've taken up all our land when we could just used it sensibly in the first place! I don't think people realise how much they can do to have their part in saving the planet now while we've got the chance, and how simple it can be, I'm not saying it's the simplest of tasks, but just the little things in life like using the green bags at the supermarket instead of plastic bags, or instead of an over packaged packet of chips you could just have a carrot or an apple?! It's not overly hard it's just a matter of not being lazy and thinking everyone else is going to do something so that means you don't have to, because if we all think like that then obviously nothings going to get done about it. Another thing is that in this time of recession we should be helping ourselves and growing our own produce to support ourselves, since all the prices of everything is shooting up lately. Maybe one weekend you should just not plan anything and take the time to plant some trees and make a vegetable garden, you could try making a compost bin or a worm farm. How about you Google it? I'm sure there are millions of ideas on the net to help you on your road to being sustainable.

You know if we're lucky we may even be able to regain more growing space to improve that pitiful 1.32nd?! But that would only be if everyone on this planet helped out in some way, shape or form. But i think there is a very slim chance of that happening. It would be great to get more land space, because it would encourage people to actually grow more of our own fresh and healthy produce instead of always buying that terrible processed stuff! It would A) be better for humans and our health and B) It'd be better for the world financially, because we would be saving money on the groceries we would be buying, except we're not because we would be growing our own stuff. Having our own extra land space for growing our own fresh, fruit and vegetables would probably encourage people to stop buying and eating the yucky, chemical filled, processed junk we all seem to enjoy, which can't be good for you. You know if everyone lived healthily then the years for an average human to live would probably increase, because of having a healthy diet full of you own organic food and by breathing in the healthy air that isn't polluted.

So I have just stated many reasons why you should be sustainable and many ways and ideas to help on your road to doing that. A sustainable life is the healthiest, most economical choice, you need to make a stand against unsustainable things and do the most you can to help it. We can change the world, but it's now or never for us and the planet. Come on New Zealand, help make a difference.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Things I want to learn about...

There are so many things I want to learn about in this world, there are too many to name. But some that I'm really interested in are...

  • Astrology, i.e horoscopes and finding out things by using telepathicallness.
  • Geography, like languages, and finding out about ancient cultures.
  • Greek mythology, it sounds really interesting, like that lady with the snakes coming out of her head instead of hair I think her name was Medusa or something along those lines.
  • Zoology, like designing new and innovative enclosures for animals in zoos, so they are more happy.
  • Religious education, like learning about how religions became.
All of this really interests me it'd be cool to learn about these things!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sustainable Diary.

Well, I've been trying to save water, and I definatly am, but sometimes I just forget like when I'm brushing my teeth I'll sometimes forget but then remember suddenly and quickly push the tap down!

My family ALWAYS use the green bags and if we forget them (which is hardly ever!) we buy more and leave them in the car. It saves heaps for the future, economically and sustainibly!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diary On My Sustainable Life!

Well, I've decided to...

1. Use less water i.e. have shorter showers and turn taps off when I'm not using them.

2. Turn all electricity and appliances off at night or when I'm not using them.

3. Use baking paper and reusable snap lock bags and containers to wrap my food in, and try buying products that are safe to the earth and planet. There is this really nice brand of shampoo and conditioner called Natures Organics and its only $1.39 !!! And they don't test on animals and only use earth friendly products! Talk about awesome.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson - Sustainable Archtecture.

On Wednesday 3rd June Kris Wilson came into our class and talked to our class about sustainable architecture, he said that it is about living and interacting with our environment in a way that can continue so we remain healthy and happy for the future. He taught us that when you build a house normally, you produce allot of waste, but when you do it sustainably then you don't produce as much waste. He said we should think about the location, like if you're way out in the country side then you would have to keep coming in an out of town to get groceries but it could be good if you are farming. When you build you should always use renewable sources like timber, or there is a really good kind called, Douglas Fir, it's good because it is dense and antibacterial. When you are planning a house you should find the spot where you get the most sunlight and put windows there to get natural light. Kris said that these days people are trying to have really big houses, but you should try to have a house big enough for you and your family, another really good idea is making a transportable home, which means it can be pulled apart in bits and then put back together in a differant location. Double glazing is sensible and an overhanging roof to block out the sun in really hot days. Solar panels are good for heating your water and your home. You can also make your walls thicker to fit extra insulation!

There are so many great ideas for living sustainably I am so going to try it!


Jo, Clement and Lauren.

On Tuesday the 2nd June, these people came to our class from Waikato University, they work in a group called S.I.F.E (student in free enterprise) and they were telling us about how much waste we produce that can actually be recycled, like paper and cardboard. They did this exercise where they cut the apple in half and then in quarters and then in half again, etc... and then they ended up with 1.32nd of it left, and the apple represented earth and the little bit left was the space left for farming and growing produce. They showed us a powerpoint of sustainibility and taught us that everything counts like, turning off the taps when your brushing your teeth or having a compost heap to half the ammount of rubbish you usually produce. In some countries they have produce and plants growing on the top of buildings to make up for the waste they created whilst building. They taught us of differant types of sustainibility, like economical, social and environmental. Did you know that there are 60 open landfills in New Zealand and 1000 closed landfills! It was really cool that they spent the time to talk to us about it and teach us alot of important facts for teaching the future generation.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We are learning about economics in class here's some useful information.

When some one is making a product to sell they are making a supply of something, how many people that buy the product are making a demand, and they are the consumers. The equilibrium point is when the two points; supply and quantity, meet. The price goes up and down depending on how many people buy this product, for example; not many people are buying the product so the price goes down to see if people will start to buy it because it's cheaper. The quantity also changes because of the price. The producer makes the money I think. And they put all of the stuff I just said into a graph to find the equilibrium point. This is about the relationship between the producer and consumer. I like a bit of retail therapy sometimes, actually a lot of the time so I definitely help the market.

Here's a link to the site I used to help me find all of this amazingly useful information:

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sustainibility No.2

In class we have been talking about sustainibility and how you can help the world by reducing bad things you do. We have to design an eco-friendly house and explain the adaptations of it, I think.

An eco house is built in a way that reduces energy consumption and waste. An eco house reduces the buildings bad impact on human health and the environment, through better design, construction, siting and maintenance.

An eco house is a combination of sustainable design, sustainable development and sustainable living. Studies have shown that buildings are the most damaging polluters on the planet, consuming over half of all the energy used in developed countries and making over half of all the climate-changing greenhouse gases.

A good eco house should give the owner the a bit of both by providing less of an impact on the environment along with a healthier place to live and lower ongoing running costs.

Here a link to help you start off your friendly living!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sustainibilty No.1


Sustainibilty is a good thing, its things that are good for the environment and make New Zealand clean, green fighting machine! We all need to do our bit to make New Zealand a cleaner country to be.

Join me in learning about sustainibility and making New Zealand the cleanest country ever!

Check this blog all the time because when I start learning more about sustainibility I will be writing heaps!

Bye for now!