Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Lifes Ambitions.

In Ten Years Time...

I want to do a number of things, but when I finish school I want to go to Wellington or Auckland University and get a degree in Law and a language, I would like to learn a language because if I go travelling it will come in handy. After university which will probably be three to four years and then I will hopefully be offered a place at London Academy of Dance, or dance on a cruise ship because you get to travel for free and you get paid for doing something you love. And while I'm working I can send half of my pay back to New Zealand and my dad will put the money in a bank account and it will collect interest so when I come back I'll have something to live off. That's like the ideal job. I'll spend probably two to three years doing that, or if I get a place at the London Academy of Dance I would spend probably four years there, and that would give me a chance to explore my heritage in Scotland which would be joyful. When I come home after my great journey I would be about twenty six or twenty seven, and I will hopefully meet a fantastic man who treats me right and wants a big family and three dogs living in Australia or Italy. I will then use my degree in Law and open a Law Firm, to keep the money coming in. I want four or five kids and two of them will be twins and I will send them to a private school that is near me or they will board at a really good school. There is plenty more I want to say, but that's another story for another time.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of ambitions, that is so cool that you want to be a lawyer, I think jurisprudence would be pretty interesting. Good luck - though you probably don't need it; I'm sure you'll become very successful!

  2. Woah. Thats awesome that you want to be a lawyer!! I think you will make it! You believe in yourself alot so I think you will make it!!
    Good luck!! :) great blog!